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Email Backup Service


Internet connection failure, server upgrades, email server failures, ransomware attacks… All of this can lead to you losing your precious information and data. Whether for personal or business applications, you use email every day. Imagine the amount of personal data store across your email accounts.
BackupMail is a safe cloud-based software platform that allows you to securely store and back up your emails.


Easy to Use

There is only ONE STEP – the registration process.
Register your email — verify it — and you are done. Your emails will start getting
backed up automatically. You do not have to download or install anything. Our
software takes care of backups on a weekly basis and our platform is simple and
user-friendly. There are no complicated setup processes or any need for setting
up reminders. BackupMail covers everything in the background.

Safe & Secure

Backing up your email is the easiest way of protecting it. One out
of five email accounts gets hacked – that’s a 20% chance of your
data being compromised. When it comes to the security of your
personal and business files, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

With BackupMail you don’t need to worry about the safety of your
emails – we do it for you. And we assure you, when it comes to
security, we take it very seriously.

Protecting your data is our priority. Data encryption and multiple
backup locations are our ways of keeping your documents safe.
Since we are a European company, fully abide by GDPR2018. The
General Data Protection Regulation protocols ensure that we
protect your data to the highest possible standard. None of your
personal data is shared with third parties, and not even our staff
has any access to it. You can rest assured that your data is in the
right hands.

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Business Users

Your email is one of your business’ most important assets. With
BackupMail, your entire team’s correspondence, office
documents, and client’s history are protected in one place.

You can manage all of your backed up email accounts from one
place. And because email is vital for your team as well, you can
create sub-accounts with different privileges for access.

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Personal User

Think of all the information stored in your personal email
account. Passwords, photos, memories, files, personal
correspondence… An entire slice of your life is in your email
messages, and it’s too much of a risk to leave it all

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We offer different packages to Business Users and Personal Users.


Simple registration
10 email accounts
Automated weekly backup
No hidden costs



per month

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Unlimited number of mailboxes
Sub-user accounts
Automated weekly backup
10GB of storage
No hidden costs


per month

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Backupmail team

It’s safe, easy and quick!

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